How To Become A Ghanaian Actor Or Actress In Ghana

Has it always been your dream to become a Gollywood (Ghallywood) actor or actress and make money? A lot of people wish they can delve into the entertainment industry, either for the fame, money, power or recognition, whatever the driving force might be. But the truth is; many dreams have lain unfulfilled, probably because they don’t know how to go about becoming an actor or actress here in Ghana.

It’s no longer news that an average actor or actress in this part of the world makes a minimum of $10,000 yearly. That’s for actors or actresses who are not even known in the industry. The real icons make much more. They charge as high as $5000 for per movie, depending on the budget of the producing company.

Before We forge ahead in this article, We have to warn you of the risks and dangers involved in the quest. A lot of aspiring actors and actresses in Ghana have fall victims to scammers, rapist and even ritualist. In their desperation to make it to the industry, they open their mind to do anything which might even cause them their life.

There’s no shortcut to success, with an amazing talent, making it to the limelight becomes very easy. In this article, We are going to guider you on how you can become a Ghanaian actor or actress in just simple steps.



To make it to the top, you have to make sure you own your craft. If you like, sleep with all the Ghanaian movie producers, if you don’t have the talent, you won’t make any headway. With an amazing talent that’s hard to resist or overlook, making it becomes very easy.

Despite having an amazing talent, there will also be a need to attend an acting school or academy. Sometimes, the things we perceive to be correct is usually wrong and lame. Apart from the unique touch you get from attending an acting or film school, you also gain a certificate which sets your chances of getting s role higher than your counterparts who don’t.


To become a Ghanaian Gollywood actor or actress, We would advise moving to a big cities. Being in big cities makes it easier to get hold of opportunities whenever they come. The biggest movie events, audition etc is always happening
in cities. And is also where over 90% of all Gollywood actors and actresses reside. Who knows, you might bump onto someone and from there, see yourself in the limelight. It has happened a lot of times, and it can happen again.

With an amazing talent and being in the right place and at the right time, you widen your chances of actually becoming a Ghanaian star or celebrity.


If you don’t go out there to exhibit your talent, you’ll remain where you are despite being the best. Most Ghanaian youths are talented in acting. They can act so well in their bedroom, but finds it hard to do the same in front of an audience. To become a renowned actor or actress in Ghana, you’ve to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You have grasped every audition opportunity or talent hunt.

A lot of big actors and actresses started from going to auditions until their talent got discovered. If you are talented in acting, then go without any atom of fear.

However, be sure to attend legitimate ones. Any form of audition that warrants paying ridiculous amount of money as
registration should be run from. They are fraudsters!

To make sure the audition is real or legitimate, running some online check should be done, to confirm.


Just like modeling, there are also agencies in the acting industry where you can register as an actor or actress. Registration is usually not free, but it’s worth it. The only disadvantages will be if you’re not really talented. In that case, you’ll merely be wasting money. Even if you succeed to land yourself a role by sleeping with either the director or producer, would you also sleep with people, to turn them to fans? Above all, talent is what counts.

There are lots of acting agencies in Ghana, make enquiries and find one to register with. This is part of the steps to becoming a Ghanaian actor or actress.


In this era of social media, it’s now so easy to make connections with just a push of a button. There are lots of movie directors and producers on twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. if you don’t have any account in such platforms please create an account and follow them.

By being a follower, you become the first to know about the latest happenings like auditions, parties, talent hunts etc. The benefits of following these individuals can’t be overemphasized.

Also, while working on your online presence, make sure you work on your physical appearance too. Be beautiful or handsome. How sexy, appealing and cute you are sometimes determines your success. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it if you aren’t naturally endowed. There are so many ugly actors and actresses who are icons today despite being ugly.



When you have become a known screen face, product endorsements and contract will start rolling in from companies and organizations. This is one of the major sources of income for most Ghanaian actors and actresses. Imagine getting an endorsement from a big company like MTN. These are contract that runs in millions. The more popular you become, the higher the figure.


Most Gollywood stars have gotten lots of political appointment in their region and this is one of the strategies politicians use to influence public opinion and trust us, it works. As an actor or actress, you gain a lot in such appointment. Apart from the monetary reward, you trend and get even more popular which is terrific to your acting career.


By appearing on TV screens, you get watched by top personalities in the country. Sometimes, the major aim of smart aspiring actors and actresses aren’t to act, it’s to get exposure. No wonder you see talentless figures on the news always.


By becoming a Ghanaian actor or actress, may not only gain fame and money, you become a role model to millions of fans who get inspired by you. This should be the ultimate aim of every entertainer, to impact positively on the viewers, not to show their cleavages on camera.


Depending on how popular you are, you can get invited to some shows in which you’re paid huge amount of money to attend.


By winning awards in the acting industry, you avail yourself to an increase in salary, fame and recognition. An award opens tremendous ways to an actor or actress.


By being a Ghanaian Gallywood (Gollywood) actor or actress, you live a life of a star, a life of a king, a life of luxury. However, it’s advised you make investment if you must remain in that pinnacle. Remember, a star cannot shine forever. It gets to a time when even the brightest of all the stars have to fall off and burn for new ones to emerge.


Upcoming actors and actresses earn a minimum of $300 per movie, while established stars earn over $7000. As a starter, $300 is pretty reasonable even if it’s to act as a gateman or house maid. You can’t rise to the rank of a star in one night. It’s a journey of continuous effort. From extra, you can one day land a significant role. This is only possible if only you’re really good at acting. Once you have the skill, then attaining even the highest of all heights become possible and an achievable feat.


Becoming a Ghanaian actor or actress is possible if the due process is followed. When you’re desperate and in a haste; you find yourself in the hands of scammers and advantage takers. Please, don’t get entangled in such an ugly web, it’s draining.