Factors That Determines The Type Of Occupation (Commerce)

There are many factors that determine the type of occupation, these include:

1. Climatic & Weather Difference

The climate and weather differences in various places determine that nature of occupation available in a particular area E.g: Fisherman will be too much in riverline area.

2. Natural Resources

Availability of natural resources affect the choice of occupation of a peoples miners for instance there will be many in areas where there are mineral resources.

3. Policies

The age of the person seeking employment and also government policies determines the type of occupation.

4. Education And Skill

This can affect the types of occupation E.g Unskilled workers are many in extractive industries.

5. Industrial Hazard

The risk and security involved in such employment also determine peoples involvement in an occupation.

6. Other Factors

These are interest, inclination and ability to the people.