Event Ushering Business In Ghana

How To Start An Event Ushering Business Plan In Ghana

To begin a career in usher services business, you must be genuinely interested in the industry, be charismatic, a good communicator and psychologist and level-headed.

You need to be able to remain calm under pressure, be a good leader, coordinator and human manager.


Learning the basics in the business is continuous.

Because the business is more of management and coordination, any form of formal education and/or training in communication, management and planning will help a great deal.

There are also institutes in Ghana, among other states in the country and abroad, where the business can be learnt.

Planning and Research

Do as much research and be as passionate about the usher services industry as you can.

Evaluate your local competitors to know their strengths and weaknesses and how you can explore these to your own advantage.

Many usher service operators mainly use ladies.

You can use sissy.
Many use white top and black skirt or trousers as English costume; you can give a modern and classic touch to your white and black costume to make it more appealing to the guests.

You must also find a means of selling yourself at every event you organise or attend, thereby including the name of your outfit on the tag your ushers wear, or customize their attire with the name of your outfit.

Your research on how to have an edge over your competitors and make yourself compelling to your clients will reveal more ideas.

Reputation and Marketing

As with all industries, word of mouth is the key.

In this digital age, word-of-mouth includes online social networks too, such as Twitter and Facebook pages.

No matter how successful your online campaign is, however, at the end of the day, you can’t really buy reputation with advertising, but by successfully coordinating a number of successful events and building up good relationships in the industry, and your reputation will soon tower over your competitors.

You can as well do trial runs. Most of this will be free.

Be meticulous and do it as if you have been paid millions for it, and get the free clients to recommend you to at least three people.

Though this will cost you money, because you must make your ushers look compelling and pay them handsomely, as most of them may not reason with you, especially when you are using graduates as ushers.