Essential Ways To Bag First Class As A Student

Many students aspire to bag a first class degree or be
regarded as an A student in their fields of study at
various universities and colleges but is attaining or
achieving this feat an easy task? Absolutely! YES,
especially if the person follows the right steps and tips.

The reason why most students hanker to be a first
class student or be regarded as an A-student in their
fields of study are numerous. This is particularly as a
result of veneration by others to such excellent
performing students.

 It also helps the person to
develop confidence and make others associated with
him or her proud of them, be an authority in a field as
well as find opportunities with regards to scholarships,
sponsorships, grants and employment. The following
tips will help you attain this.

1. Start from Day 1: To be an excellent performing
student, it is imperative to start and have this goal in
your mind from the very first day in school.

 You can achieve this by writing what you wish to achieve in your
varsity or school down in a jotter or a small book you
will be looking from time to time. A friend once told me
“I could remember when I was in my first year in the
varsity, I wrote down five things I wanted to achieve in
the university, of which one is bagging a first class in
my field of study. After 5 years, it was achieved.

 The fact is starting from day one eases the process and the
journey and reduces the stress at the end of the
program. It helps in serving as a driving force that
makes one to work doggedly, consistently in achieving
one’s goal. All one needs is to have the intention from
the first day in the varsity and to work towards it.

Consequently, it is imperative to state that even if one
is not a high achieving student from day one, one can
still start from this day to improve one’s self.

The tenacity of being successful should be the driving force
and believing that there’s no excuse whatsoever for
failing in your school.

 This is because any successful person (be it someone who bagged first class or was awarded the best graduating student or the likes), one
sees out there has faced several challenges and
crossed several hurdles before attaining it but never
gave up. If you aren’t motivated, motivate yourself to
work doggedly and vision the future (end).

consequences of your actions. What will be the
outcome of today’s actions? Will it be the goad to the
dreamland or otherwise. Remember, the early bird gets
the worm.

2. Believe You Can: One of the greatest driving force to
attainment of one’s goals in this life is believing in
oneself. This means believing that no matter what the
naysayers and obstructionists say, one can and will
reach the promise land (and become who one wants to
be). To be a high achieving student or an A-student,
you must shun these people who doubt your ability
about doing great things.

You must believe you can do it regardless of the hurdles, barriers, limitations,
bottlenecks and impediments on this your voyage.
Always remember that these bottlenecks and
challenges are what make the victory sweeter. As it is
often said “The harder the battle, the sweeter the

Work: Word in this context refers to reading smart and
hard. It involves working towards the goal one has in
mind persistently and smartly. To work hard as a
student, it is important that one studies hard, smart and
attends lecture regularly.

It is also imperative to do
one’s assignment early and to the best of one’s ability
and most importantly teach and impact on others.

Be Consistent: Consistency has been regarded as the
chief determinant of one’s success in life. It is an
important ingredient for one’s success.

 Aladodo, a well renowned poet and author once said “Consistency
brings one to the river of perfection, if not perfection
itself” hence to improve one’s academic performance
or be the best in one’s field, it is critical to study
consistently and teach others consistently.

Make a Big Promise: Making a very big promise and
telling others your goal plays a critical and pivotal in
making your voyage to get to any class of degree a

This is because youths (lads or lasses) have
been known to have a prominent feature which is
courage. Hence, making this big promise triggers one
to work smartly, consistently and acting on the four tips
stated earlier towards achieving and attaining this.

Practically, I could remember the beginning of a
session where two friends who I know made a big
promise. The first lad told the other that he wants them
to make a big promise to each other.

The first promised to nail a 5.0 in his final year. The other made
same promise. So they both agreed referring to their
agreement as “the 5.00 challenge”. At the end of the
session, one of them nailed a 5.00 while the other had
a result close to the promise.

This result which I practically noted is in line with the findings of American
society of training and development. They conducted a
study on accountability and found that just having goals
doesn’t mean attaining it. According to them, if one
informs someone (privately) or publicly that one wants
to achieve a goal, then the probability of achieving it is

With all these tips and surrounding yourself with peers
with similar goal as yours, then you are on your voyage
to this amazing dreamland you have. Remember, what
story you want people to tell about you? It is also
critical and pivotal to state that reminiscing and
pondering over the merits of bagging or being a high
achieving student, this will also be another driving force
to your dreamland. Always remember, you can’t get to
your dreamland/destination without boarding the car
for the journey!

Updated: December 11, 2018 — 9:33 pm