Elections Into New Local Government Councils And The Constituent Assembly

In line with its transition programme, the military government conducted elections into the newly created Local Government Areas throughout the Federation on the zero-party bases. That marked the first election to be conducted in almost a decade of political instability in the country. The exercise which was conducted in December 1976 witnessed the election of Council Chairmen and Councillors without affiliations to any political party. This was aimed at giving the people at the grassroots the opportunity of having a bite at the apple of democracy.

In August 1977 the Federal Military Government conducted elections to elect delegates into the Constituent Assembly which charged with the sole responsibility of thoroughly debating the draft constitution in order to have a workable document for the country. The Constituent Assembly had 232 members out of which only 203 were popularly elected from each Local Government Areas in the country.

Other delegates were appointed by the government to represent special interests such as: women, students, traditional rulers, labours, the press, commerce and industry, etc. The Assembly submitted its report on August 1978 and on September 21, 1978 General Olusegun Obasanjo lifted the ban on political activities in the country.

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