Doctor’s Writing And Meaning

The unique way doctors write is peculiar to them and it has to do with professionalism and time constraint.

One day is written as 1/7

Two days = 2/7

Three days = 3/7

Four days = 4/7

Five days = 5/7

Six days =6/7

Eight days = 8/7 and so on.

One week =1/52 (Fifty two weeks makes one year)

Two weeks = 2/52

Three weeks = 3/52

Four weeks = 4/52

Five weeks = 5/52

Six weeks = 6/52

Seven weeks = 7/52 and so on.

One Month =1/12 (Twelve months make one year).

Two Months = 2/12

Three Months = 3/12

Four Months = 4/12

Five Months = 5/12

Six Months = 6/12

Seven Months = 7/12

Eight Months = 8/12

Nine Months = 9/12

Ten Months = 10/12

Eleven Months = 11/12

Twelve Months = 12/12 and so on.

The fractions above should never be reduced to its lowest term.

Example: Reducing 3/12 to 1/4 is unacceptable. It should remain as it is, to mean what it stands for.

Daily = dly

Weekly = wkly

At night = nocte

At once = stat

When needed = PRN

One tablet = ㄒ

Two tablets =ㄒㄒ

Three tablets = ㄒㄒㄒ

Four tablets = ㄒv

One tablets daily = ㄒ dly

One tablets weekly = ㄒ wkly

One tablets at night = ㄒ nocte

One tablets at once = ㄒ stat

One tablets when needed = ㄒ PRN

Twice daily = b-d or bid = 12 hourly

Thrice daily = tds = tid = 8 hourly

Four times daily = qds = qid = 6 hourly

For prescription of capsules and some tablets it is necessary to check the strength and use. Example: Ampicillin capsules come in 250mg and 500mg strength. Flagyl tablet comes in 200mg and 400mg strength.

Syrups are measured in volumes for consumption. Example:

5ml, 19ml.and so on, depending on the patient’s age.

Parental drugs (injections) are prescribed either in milligrams or n volumes depending on the drug involved. Example:

Chloroquine, Vitamin B complex, Analgin and some other injections are usually prescribed in volumes.

IM Chloroquine 5cc

IM Vitamin B Complex 3cc

Drugs Such as Gentamycin, Ampiclox, Chloramphenicol, Claforan and a host of drugs are prescribed based on strength.

IM Genticin 80mg

IV Chloramphenicol 500mg

IV Ampliclox 500mg