Community Types And Members

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Question And Answer On The Types And Members Of A Community.


  1. What Is A Community?
  2. Name The Types Of Communities And Explain Them
  3. What Do You Understand By Community Members?

What Is Community?

Community can be define as the collection of people who live together in a particular area or place. Normally, these groups of people are bound together by same religion, race, job and culture. This means that people living in the village are in a village community while students attending the same school are in a school community. They are also being guided by the same norms and values.

Name The Types Of Communities And Explain Them

Basically, there are two types of communities. The traditional community and the modern community.

1. The traditional community involves the whole village or town and this includes people born in the place and strangers. Community members are guided by rules and regulations.

2. The modern community is seen as an institution or group of people with a common interest. Such communities are school community, political community, market community, church community etc. The pupils and students attain formal education in the school community. People who worship God with the same belief are in the church community. Politicians from same or different political parties belong to the political community etc.

What Do You Understand By Community Members?

The community members consist of everybody who live and works in that community. It is importants to note that a single family does not form a community. Many families come together to form a community. The community is guided by rules and regulations and there is a community leader. The community leader sees to it that they live in peace and obey rules and regulations guiding them. Social amenities like portable water, hospital, schools and good roads are enjoyed in traditional communities. Also the modern institutions, their leader sees to it their common interests are met.

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