How Cocoa Farming In Ghana Is An Opportunity For Investors

Cocoa Farming in Africa presents one of the brightest
investment opportunity to local and foreign investors in
agribusiness in this region.

Cocoa has been and will remain
one of the fastest selling agricultural product in both local
and international market.

Once you have it planted and
nurtured to maturity, you harvest cash from it for many

The reason is because cocoa is a perennial crop
that survive produce for many decades.

Ghana, Ivory Coast and Indonesia are the world’s biggest cocoa
producers. Ghana is in distant forth

But one thing special about cocoa farming
business in Africa is that the potentials in this sector is
massively under utilized.

There are thousands of acres of
fertile lands in Ghana that are
suitable for cocoa farming but currently wasting away.

Cocoa was the mainstay of Ghanaian economy before the oil

The moment oil was discovered, cocoa farming was
abandoned, leaving the opportunity for any would-be
serious farmer to exploit.

According to news report, Ghana recently gave over 10,000
Hectares of fertile farm land to Indonesia for Cocoa and Oil-
Palm Production while you are there pursuing useless jobs
that doesn’t exist.

The consequence is that Indonesian
farmers will produce cocoa from the land, export it oversea,
sell in dollars and repatriate the fund back to their country.

Opportunities In Cocoa Farming In Africa

A bag of Cocoa is currently sold for $200 (In
Ghana) and about the same price in Ivory Coast. If you have 1,000 bags of cocoa right now, you can
easily swap it with $200,000 cash!

To achieve this, you can count on the early-maturing, high-
yielding, disease-resistant beans to help double your farm
production in two years.

This varieties of cocoa plants
mature in about 18 months. If you are in Ghana, you can
get the variety from the Cocoa Research Institute Ghana.

While the traditional cocoa crop takes about four to five
years to mature, the improved variety takes just one and
half years.

The new varieties produce 1 1/2 metric tons of cocoa per
hectare (2.47 acres) each season compared with the older
types which yield 1/2 ton.

South Africans are now killing
foreigners in their land who came for greener pasture.

Malaysia, you could be framed up, accused of drug offenses
and get sentenced to death for doing nothing just because
you are a stranger.

In the United States of America and UK, you could make all
the money but end up paying everything back to the
Government for taxation.

Why not look for opportunity in
your own country and develop it ?

Cocoa farming is one of
such opportunities in many West African countries.

Ghanaians are returning home to Start
Commercial Farming in Cocoa, Oil-Palm, Charcoal export,

You should be one of them. If you are a foreign
investor, the opportunity for cocoa farming in Africa is also
open to you.

You shouldn’t be caught making excuses that the economy
is bad.

As a matter of Fact, the city is too crowded, There’s
much space to be occupied in the Rural Areas.

Join the
Farming Train and Start Making your money while you
contribute to your country’s GDP.

Marketing Of Cocoa Produce

Marketing of Cocoa is extremely fast and easy.

Cocoa is
probably the only farm produce you can market in just one
day no matter the quantity you have.

This is because the
whole world depends on Cocoa for it’s daily foods and
beverages need.

You don’t have to worry about marketing, all you need is to
have your own farm, start producing cocoa, and watch the
market come after you.

This gives you an edge in Cocoa
Farming business.

Once you have worked hard to setup
your farm, nurture your cocoa to the point of production
within two years, you just sit back and start reaping your
harvest year after year for at least 30 years.

In Ghana, We are not producing enough Cocoa. There is a
need for more participation in cocoa farming in Africa.

Proper Management is also needed to get the best yield.

There are people who make millions of dollars in Cocoa
without owning a farm, you can become one of them too.

Cocoa Dealers or Cocoa Agents make money by buying the
cocoa beans from the farmers and selling directly to the
Confectionery and Beverage companies.

The business is
equally available for Companies that wants to go into
Cocoa Marketing, Distribution, and Exportation.

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