What Crops Are Grown In Ghana Rainforest

This is the major question asked by 30% of Ghanaians, which we will give you the answer. Ghana is found in the Tropics, where the climate is seasonally damp and very humid. The natural vegetative zones that exist in the country are governed by the combined effects of temperature, humidity, rainfall and particularly, the variations … Read more

What Are The Profitable Crops To Grow In Ghana

Ghana’s climate permits the cultivation of a variety of crops in a pattern that emerged in earlier centuries in response to local conditions. As in other West Africa states, rainfall is heaviest in the south, where the forests and savannas benefit from abundant precipitation and relatively short dry seasons. Here are the details about the … Read more

Were Can One Get Turkey Eggs To Buy In Ghana

Some farmers are engaged in the сommercial turkey farming in Ghana. This is a fairly promising and profitable business, from which you can earn decent money. The main advantages of this line of activity are quick payback and high demand for finished products. Here we describe the breeds of turkeys in Ghana and were to … Read more

How Much Is A Crate Of Egg In Ghana (The Prices)

What is the current price of eggs in Ghana. We’ve been getting this question and We know the answer is very diverse. So we put up as many opinion as possible. Not really opinion, We mean facts. What is the prices of eggs in each area in Ghana? We will give different prices both in … Read more

How Much Is A Bag Of Chilli Pepper In Ghana

Chilli pepper farmers or upcoming pepper farmers wants to know the cost of a Bag of chilli pepper. We will tell you how to know the price but first of all lets give you details about chilli pepper farming in Ghana. Chilli pepper farming in Ghana is one of the many profitable farming ventures we … Read more

What Business Can I Start With 10,000 Ghana Cedis In Ghana

The following questions have been asked severally by most Ghanaians: How do I invest Ghc 10,000? What are the best ways to earn more money with just 10,000 Ghc? What profitable business will I do with 10,000 Ghana Cedis In Ghana? Businesses that can be started with 10,000 Ghc? Business to start with Ghc 10,000 … Read more

What Are The Ingredients For Poultry Feed In Ghana

What Are The Ingredients For Poultry Feed In Ghana: Do you know that farmers who are able to make their own feeds make great savings on feeds which take up to 80 per cent of the production costs. To formulate feeds, farmers have to use the Pearson Square method. In this method, the digestible crude … Read more

What Is The Cost Of Poultry Feed In Ghana?

What Is The Cost Of Poultry Feed In Ghana? What is the prices of chicken feeds in Ghana? You will find out now. If you are a poultry farmer in Ghana, whether for subsistence or commercial farming, you will need feed for your chickens. This article will give an Answer to the price of chicken … Read more

What Is The Average Yield Of Hot Pepper Per Acre In Ghana?

Pepper is a vegetable eaten by almost everybody in the world. Pepper farming is one of the most profitable businesses in Ghana and other countries of the world. Just like tomato farming and cucumber farming, pepper.farming can be very lucrative. One of the most popular type of pepper in Ghana is chilli pepper (Hot Pepper). … Read more