Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Sachet Water Production In Nigeria

Sachet water production in Nigeria is a lucrative business but it is capital intensive. This is one of the best investment opportunities one can start with huge amount of money and it return on investment is also high. Eventhough sachet water factories has full everywhere but it is still the best business to start. Sachet … Read more

How To Start A Cucumber Farming In Nigeria

Are you interested in starting a cucumber farm in Nigeria! Do you need information on the business plan needed to set up a cucumber farm? IF YES, you are on the right article. Cucumber farming is one of the lucrative venture in Nigeria. This business is earning income more than employers with high degrees. Cucumber … Read more

How To Open A Pharmacy Business (Requirements And Cost)

Pharmacy is a store where drugs are been stocked for sale to the public.Drugs are sold in retail and can also be in wholesale. Aside from pharmacies that are owned by hospitals, some pharmacies are owned by individuals. They can also be incorporated into private hospitals. Starting a pharmacy requires putting a lot of things … Read more