Seizure Disorders (Types Of Seizure Disorder)

There are three forms of Seizure In Children: (a) Neonatal Seizure (b) Febrile Convulsion (c) Epilepsy. Febrile convulsion occur between six months and five years. Epilepsy occur after five years. What Is Seizure Seizure is an abnormal electrical discharge of celebral neurone accompanied by motor, sensory or affective phenomenon with or without loss of consciousness. … Read more

Growth And Development

What Is Growth ? Growth is a physical Change due to increase in size or number of the cells. In-urero there are various stages of growth depending on the trimester. a. First trimester-embryogenesis. b. Second trimester-organogenesis. c. Third trimester-rapid growth of cells. After birth, there are four periods of maximum growth. 1. There is rapid … Read more