Child Development And Care: Stages And Factors That Influence Child Development

Meaning Of Development Process of development starts the moment conception takes place. Development is a patterned and continuous process with predictable sequence that has unique course for evey child. In order to know when the child is having problems in developing, it is necessary to understand child development. Meaning Of Growth And Development Child’s growth … Read more

Consumer: Meaning, Consumer Challenges And Rights Of The Consumer

A consumer is an individual who pays to consume goods and services for personal use. A consumer is someone who is in a position to take decision whether to buy an item, where to buy and when to buy. A consumer plays an important role in the distribution chain because he/she is the end user, … Read more

Meaning Of Sole Proprietorship: Features And Disadvantages

Table Of content 1. Sole Proprietorship2. Features Or Characteristics Of Sole Proprietorship3. Sources Of Capital Of A Sole Proprietorship4. Advantages Of Sole Proprietorship5. Disadvantages Of Sole Proprietorship6. Reasons For The Continued Existence Of Small Scale Business Unit Sole Proprietorship: Sole proprietorship may be defined as a form of business Enterprise own, financed and managed by … Read more

Meaning Of Business Organization (And Types)

Table Of Content 1. Definition Of Business Organisation 2. Types Of Business Organisations 3. Private Enterprises 4. Characteristics Or Features Of Private Enterprises 5. Public Enterprises 6. Characteristics Features Of Public Enterprises 7. Difference Between Private And Public Enterprises 8. Reasons For The Establishment Of Many Private Enterprises In West Africa 9. Problems Of Private … Read more

Division Of Labour, Specialization And Scale Of Production

Table Of Content 1. Division Of Labour2. Specialisation3. Types of Specialisation And Division Of Labour4. Advantages Of Division Of Labour And Specialisation5. Disadvantages Of Division Of Labour And Specialisation6. Limitations To Division Of Labour And Specialisation7. Economic Of Scale Or Scale Production8. Types Of Economic Of Scale9. Internal Economics And Internal Diseconomies10. External Economies And … Read more

Basic Economic Problems Of Society

Table of contents 1. Meaning Of Basic Economic Problems2. Factors Which Determine What To Produce3. How To Produce4. Factors Which Determine How To Produce5. For Whom To Produce6. Factors Which Determine How To Produce For7. Efficiency Of Resource Use8. Factors Which Determine Efficient Use Of Resources Meaning Of Basic Economic Problems Basic economic problems refers … Read more

Basic Tools For Economic Analysis

Table Of Contents 1. Tables2. Characteristics of tables3. Importance of tables4. Graphs5. Features of graph6. Importance of graph7. Line graph8. Pie graph9. Bar chart10. Pictogram11. Histogram12. Frequency distribution13. Measure of Central tendency14. The arithmetic mean15. The median16. The mode17. Geometric mean18. Harmonic mean19. Quadratic mean20. The range21. The Quartile22. Mean deviation23. Variance standard deviation Basic … Read more

Economics: Meaning And Basic Concepts Of Economics

Table of contents 1. Meaning of Economics 2. Nature and Scope of Economics 3. Basic concepts of Economics 4. Why we study economics 5. Branches of Economics 6. Other branches of Economics Meaning of Economics The subject economics has no specific definition. It has been defined in many ways by various economist as a social … Read more

Simple Sewing Tools And Equipment (Guidelines For Choosing Sewing Tools And Equipment)

There are certain pieces of equipment that you require for sewing. You need to know these. You also need to understand how to choose, use and care for each piece of equipment properly. You need to start with the simple sewing tools and equipment. Classes Of Simple Sewing Tools And Equipment The various simple sewing … Read more

Table Laying: Guidelines And Processes Of Table Laying

Meaning Of Table Laying Table laying is the process oof setting a table. It means the arrangement of tableware or table appointment (plates, glasses and cutlery) for each person who will be eating a meal. Importance Of Table Laying Table laying is important because 1. It makes the dining table more attractive. 2. It makes … Read more