The Arab And Berber Conquest Of North Africa And It’s Implications

Egypt like Abyssinia or Mesopotamia has a long history, in fact its history had been on record for over 4000 years and it could be therefore difficult to discuss anything about Egypt before the advent of Islam or the Arabs rather we should basically concern with how the Arabs conquered Egypt. The conquest of Egypt … Read more

Early European Contacts In Africa

REASONS FOR EUROPEAN ENCROACHMENT IN AFRICA By the second half of the 15th century European contries were now united under centralized governments by strong kings. These countries were Spain, Portugal, Britain and France. These kings were in support of discoveries in Africa and India. The Turks had in the 15th century blocked the Mediterranean and … Read more

Responsibilities Of Food Safety Manager To Customers

A food safety manager is responsible for ensuring that food preparation under his management is safe for human or animal consumption. Food safety is essential to prevent outbreaks of food borne diseases. Lack of food safety can compromise public health, endanger consumers and cause enormous amout of business losses. Food safety regulations are important in … Read more

Preparation, Packaging And Marketing Of Food Items

Differences Between Snack And Main Meal Snacks Snacks are easily cooked light refreshing meals. They are served in-between the three main meals to sustain hunger. Snacks may be served while going on journey or picnic and they are usually made from locally available foods. Examples of snacks are biscuits, plantain/potato chips, sausage roll, scotch egg, … Read more

Sources Of Food Contamination And Poisoning

Food Poisoning This is the general term for health problems arising from eating contaminated food. Food may be contaminated by bacteria, viruses, environmental toxins or toxins present within the food itself, such as the poisons in some mushrooms or certain sea foods. Symptoms of food poisoning usually involve nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Some food borne … Read more

Food Hygiene And Safety: Reasons And Ways Of Handling Food For Safety

Meaning Of Food Hygiene Food hygiene is the action taken to ensure that food is handled, stored, prepared and served in such conditions as to prevent possible contamination of food. It ensures that food is safe for human consumption. In home kitchen, it includes proper storage of food stuff before use, washing the hands before … Read more

24 Terms Used In Garment Construction

Terms Peculiar To Garment Construction Proper understanding of terms used in garment construction requires definition of certain words (terms) commonly used in garment construction. The terms include: 1. Stitches: These are configurations of interlacing of sewing thread in specific repeated units. 2. Seams: It means the way/method fabric pieces are joined together. It can also … Read more

Sewing Machine: Meaning, Types And Parts Of Sewing Machine And Their Functions

Meaning Of Sewing Machine The sewing machine is the machine used in sewing garment or making of clothes. There are several kinds of sewing machines in the market today, each with its own unique features, functions and advantages. Types Of Sewing Machines Sewing machines can be classified based on the modes of operation. They may … Read more

Textiles: Types, Properties, Production, Uses And Care

Definition Of Textile Textile is the study of fibres, yarn, construction of fabrics and finishes. The major textile fibres are: cotton, wool, silk and linen. Textiles were first developed as a means of carrying food, providing shelter and later used as clothing. Importance Of Textiles They study of textiles provides understanding why certain fabrics are … Read more