How To Boost Ghanaian Economy Through Agriculture

According to Wikipedia, agriculture is the cultivation of
animals, plants and fungi for food, fiber, biofuel, medicinal
plants and other products used to sustain and enhance
human life.

It is important therefore to work towards
boosting the Ghanaian economy through agriculture.

Ghana is a nation that depends solely on crude oil to drive
its economy.

To say it simply, Ghana can no longer depend solely on oil
to survive economically.

Ghana must as a matter of
urgency diversify its economy for its survival and
agriculture readily comes to mind to answer the question of

Before the discovery of crude oil, Ghana was basically
operating an agrarian economy, which involved the
cultivation and exportation of cash crops like cocoa,
groundnut, palm oil, etc.

It is now high time Ghana got
back to agriculture for economic sustainability.

As Anietie
Udoema once said, “you cannot change a winning formula.”

If agriculture sustained Ghana in the past, it can equally
sustain Ghana now.”

Important Reasons Why Ghana Must
Embrace Agriculture

1. Employment opportunity.

2. Food security.

3. Economic sustainability.

Practical Ways To Boost Ghanaian Economy
Through Agriculture

1. Government of Ghana (GG) has farms
across the Regions of Ghana, which is managed by the
Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
should undertake a national survey and tour of the GG
farms and publish the addresses of the farms.

2. The GG through the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and
Rural development should employ youths into the Federal
farms to cultivate the farms.

The employees should be paid
as civil servants.

However, they must be supervised and
monitored to make sure work is done.

3. Offices should be built on the farm where full
administrative and supervisory work takes place.

4. Ranches, piggeries, poultries, etc should be built on the
farms and animal and crop farming will be going on

5. Markets should be built on the farms so that harvested
farm produce can be sold immediately without the stress of
transportation and other inconveniences.

6. The farmlands or shops in the market could be leased or
rented to as many as are interested.

7. Food storage should be a top priority of the government.

More silos can still be built. Every farm should have
storage facilities.

8. Public Private Partnership should be encouraged.
Government should bring in investors.

9. Farmers and investors should be encouraged by
favorable policies, tax rebates or tax holidays, etc.

10. Agricultural Science or agricultural studies as the case
may be should be introduced into the education curriculum
as a compulsory subject or course from nursery or
elementary to tertiary institutions.

Conclusively, according to the words of Allan Savoy,
“without agriculture, it is not possible to have a city, stock
market, banks, university, church or army.

Agriculture is
the foundation of any civilization and any stable economy.”

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