Bet9ja League Trick

Its an arguable fact that we need luck to win gamble, but is also a proven fact that we need luck in almost every aspect of life.
This means luck is not enough to win the Bet9ja Virtual League. You need just three proven techniques to become a Virtual league guru, the Bet9ja league to be precise.
1. Pattern
This is by far the most important technique if you ever want to win big in any Virtual Football League. You can get no where betting on random teams and selecting randomly.
At first, you might get lucky and win few cash, but before saying Jack Robinson, all your winnings and your hard earned money are gone, YEA, gone, in no time.
You have to be specific, its a game of IQ, and should be treated as such.

As we already know the bet9ja league consists of 20teams using the English Premier league teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, Man United…….. 10 matches are played every round and each match is numbered from 1-10. This means 38 weeks will be played to make a complete season.
So, i tried playing GG(both tams to score), on selected numbers every round, paying little attention to the teams in this spot.
I placed my bet on the numbers 2,3,8 G-G and i record a win before the 3rd round. now doing the calculation.

On the average, a G-G is 1.65 odd, selecting three, you have 4.5 odd(at least). staking with #100 for instance, you win #450 every 3-4 rounds. if you get your maths well, you will make a gain of #1000 every season.
Staking with #1000 will see you racking up #10,000 every season…. that’s tempting, but be wise.
Am not saying betting on GG should be your pattern, but that is the pattern i used to recover all my lost hard earned money plus 1000% interest, and am sti
Take your time to study this league and discover your own pattern.
2. Patience
It is almost impossibe to become a millionirae a day playing the Bet9ja league. You have to take your time to study the pattern that will work for you.