How To Become A Successful Event Planner In Ghana

The event planning industry is the fastest growing business
all over the world.

It is a kind of business that is well
recognized and very lucrative. You too can become a
successful event planner in Ghana.

This involves having experience in the field and knowledge
of the business before you start.

Being an event planner
could be rewarding though stressful, but when you adapt
you find it easier.

The event planning duties involves catering, getting familiar
with event, production, entertainment, transportation,
decorating of halls, planning conferences, birthdays, rental
equipment and so on. knowing the right steps to take would
give you a broad knowledge of how to start.

Understand The Duties Of An Event Planner

Event planning, is more than just planning for wedding and
birthday parties. You need to have a broad knowledge of
the business first before you operate among many other
competitors who already exist in this line of business.

Associating with already-existing event planners, doing
non-profitable works for them when they have events.

Obtaining a professional certificate in hotel management ,
public relations, and marketing can also be an added

1. Acquire Experience

Engaging yourself in activities by participating in events,
going out with the ‘GURUS’ in the business, taking part as
a volunteer in what they do, such as, decorations, catering
and so on.

The more time you spend with them the more
advanced your skills and experience become.

This would
develop you and give you a perfect knowledge on how to
run the business.

2. Be Organized

To become a successful event planner, you need to be
properly organized.

You should outline your events and put
them in schedules as they come, by so doing, it makes it
easier for you to get prepared for upcoming events. When
you are unorganized, planning an event could be a hitch.

Getting yourself prepared should be the first thing you
should have in mind in order to get the best result for your
job. Being organize includes.

Having a well scheduled plan for upcoming events
Always keep to dates and times of upcoming events
You should be known for consistency
Make arrangement of space for upcoming events
Contact people that would be needed on ground for the
events e.g musicians, security e.t.c
Make reservation of halls or space needed.

3. Be Specific

There are different types of event planning, examples are;
wedding planners, corporate events planners, sports event
planners, and so on.

Having a general knowledge about the
industry would make you decide on which area you want to

4. Be Creative

As an event planner, it is good to be very creative, creating
new ideas of how an event should be planned.For instance,
decoration; your client may give you a particular choice of
decoration and you present a plan which surpasses theirs.

This makes your clients count on you whenever there is an
event, and even market you to a new client through “word
of mouth”

5. Network

Working with established event planner as a volunteer gives
you an exposure and the chance to meet clients of your

Getting familiar with people from different walks of life
will help you to interact well and make them understand
what you can offer.

Create a good relationship with new
vendors to work with and help them to plan their budget for
their events.

Here are ways you can also network:

Gather information about vendors and their addresses.

Contact your vendor to remind them of upcoming events
you want to help them plan for.

6. Create a Website

Make a website that would carry your business name
showcase photos or pictures of events you have handled in
the past, update them from time to time.

By so doing, you
will create awareness. This helps to promote your
business and allow people to contact you for upcoming

7. Always Have a Plan B

As you are planning an event, always have a backup plan.
Sometimes, things can go wrong on the day of the event,
you can always fall back on your plan b and it would help

Also you are sure of a successful event without any
odds at the end of the day.

8. Communication is Important

This is an important part, always carry your team along,
for them to know their duties and roles assigned to them,
because there might be a new development in a particular
role an individual plays, he or she should be informed
about it.

Always have meetings with them about how they
can get prepared for upcoming events.

Also talk to them
about your vision and ideas.

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