How To Become A Mechanical Engineer In Ghana

Mechanical engineering is a broad field of study that
comprises all sorts of automation, fabrication, robotics,
thermodynamics, manufacturing and so on.

It deals with
many aspects of our personal and business lives.

this course means passing through a variety of other
fundamental engineering courses like AutoCAD and
engineering math.

After the first two or three years of
specializing in one or more fields of mechanical

The mechanical engineer is one of the main pillars in the
field of science and technology.

And despite economic
woes, mechanical engineers maintain a stable role in the
job market.

Finding a job after graduation is not usually as
intense as in some other jobs.

To become a mechanical engineer, you have to be a
graduate first.

Then get licensed and approved, and be in
the membership of a suitable association.

Below are the
key ways of obtaining the title ‘Mechanical Engineer’ in
your job resume.

Courses of Study to Become a Mechanical

The real journey starts at secondary school level.

There you
will need to join the science class and pass at least five
credit units including maths, English, physics, chemistry
and one of any other subject in the national O’level

Before writing your O’level exam, look up the requirements
for this course in the university of your choice.

They might
specify the subjects they want mechanical engineering
students to pass before being granted admission into the

You should also try to look up what subjects JAMB
recommends for this course.

You will need to graduate with
a bachelor in science (B.Sc) degree or a HND in order to
qualify as a mechanical engineer.

This usually take up to
four or five years.

Certificates and Membership

Registration with regulatory bodies gives you the
advantage of having access to in-house information before
the general public which will ultimately result in more
efficient work and better decision making.

It also brighten
your job resume.

In fact, some companies will not even hire
a person without having these memberships.

To register, you needs to pay a specific fee which could be
found in their website, you can join as a student (from 200
level upward alone), a fellow, as a new graduate, as an
associate and as a member whose had a minimum of four
years post-grad working experience.

The other
membership is with the Ghanaian Institute of Engineers.

Job search

After mechanical engineers graduate from school, they find
jobs with engineering firms/companies.
They had to work
under someone presumably a mechanical engineer too, just
like an apprenticeship for a few years before they are even
considered for the title of mechanical engineer.

While searching for a job try to apply for internships as a
new graduate.

It will increase your chances of landing a
permanent job.

You have to target an area of specialization
and concentrate on it during your period at school, and that
should be boldly reflected on your CV so that after
graduation you won’t be at the mercy of the job market, or
in this case the unemployment market.

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