How To Become A Good Fashion Designer In Ghana

A popular saying has it that the way you are dressed is how
you are addressed.

Being an Industry known for its glitz
and glamour the world over, the fashion industry has
become increasingly attractive to Africans and Ghanaians in

There is so much buzz going on in this respect,
so much that one would want to become a fashion

These range from the latest and most recent
designs, fabrics, style, and a lot of other related happenings
within the fashion industry.

To add to this, there has
recently been an upsurge of new entrants into the industry,
with several others aspiring to become fashion designers.

Within the African continent, the fashion design industry
has experienced continuous growth and development.

has resulted in fashion shows held across the length and
breath of Africa.

With models donning the exquisite designs
of fashion designers cat-walking on runways across the

The potential for fashion designing in Ghana is
massive! This is even more true because Ghanaians love

It is in the light of this that special focus is given
on how to become a fashion designer in Ghana.

1. There Must Be a Driving Interest

Although the potential for realizing a very impressive
income flow is high, money however, should not form the
driving force for wanting to become a fashion designer.

this is the case, then you are most likely never going to
make meaningful progress.

A saying has it that “follow
your passion, and success will chase you pants down.”
This is a true reality.

The drive to be a fashion designer
should be fueled by genuine interest.

If you excel in this
field, which is a feature common to people with a burning
interest and desire for fashion, money will naturally follow.

2. Have a Knowledge on What is Trending

This is a key area to focus on in your quest to becoming a
fashion designer in Ghana.

Knowing how to use the
sewing machine is not enough.

If you focus on the clothing
worn by Ghanaians on a typical day, especially an occasion,
you will have a good grasp of what is trending.

This way,
you will be able to focus on creating and trying out new

This however comes with being creative which
will be discussed in our next point.

3. Creativity Is Golden!

How? You might ask, to keep up with fashion in Ghana,
creativity is necessary.

This attribute sets you apart from
the pack when it comes to producing innovative designs
that wow!

Before even enrolling in a fashion school, if you
usually find yourself sketching designs or offering free
advice on some fashion tips, then you most likely have the
success ingredient which is creativity.

This will keep you
relevant in the fashion industry for a long time to come.

4. Enroll in a Fashion School

With creativity comes guidance.

Guidance in this sense
means first enrolling in a fashion school that teaches you
the basics and the techniques of producing stunning
fashion designs.

Let’s be blunt here; creativity alone does
not guarantee success, as you need to follow a laid down
structure of knowledge acquisition that will be able to
streamline the learning process, making your skill more

It is highly advised that while learning, skills
possessed should not be allowed to come in the way of the
teaching process.

If this is allowed, it will most likely
hamper the seamless transfer of knowledge.

There are several fashion schools in Ghana.

Although the enrollment fees
can sometimes be substantial, but this is nothing compared
to the valuable knowledge that will be passed on to the

5. After Learning, What Next?

After having learnt the ropes, confusion might set in on
what next to do.

Buying some of the basic requirements
will not be out of place.

Your first clients are likely to be
your “significant others” which include your family and

Creating stunning designs for them directly
showcases you to the world, as they are most likely to tell
their friends and relatives.

This network, before long
attracts the big clients which will most likely give you the
much needed big break.

Although it is every fashion designer’s wish and dream to
become a big name in the industry, this only comes after
much work has been put through patience diligence and the
right network.

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