How To Become A Celebrity In Ghana

This post is about how to become a celebrity in

We have written 6 ways to achieve this and you
will like it.

Celebrities are public figures that always
attract everyone’s attention. Many of them are born
while others are made. This post is about the later –
make-in-yourself celebrity . Read on…

A celebrity is not a title or an award. It’s not given in
the University.

Most times, it has nothing to do with
education. Many are born celebs like Barack Obama daughters, P-square Childs. Yes, people are currently
searching hard to have a glimpse at these kid’s

Most of them already have huge twitter
followers even before they start sucking their mother’s

At the end of the day, you really need to find out, what
defines a celebrity ?

It could be money, charisma,
innovation, leadership, and creativity and even more
negative or weird habits.

But come to think of it, what makes a celebrity ? It’s

6 Ways to Become a Celebrity in

1. Join Politics and Stand for Election: Politics is one
of the best strategy to become a celebrity in Ghana.

Even at the level of Local Government Representative,
you will be respected by quite a number of people and
this brings fame.

2. Join Music Industry: People like music alot. Some
attributes musics to “food for the soul”.

You can join
the music industry as a song writer, vocalist, producer,
instrumentalist or marketer.

Almost everyone in any of
these music industry lines are famous.
From there, you
can cave a niche for yourself and build lots of followers
who are willing to engage even when you are sleeping.

3. Act Movies: Almost all the Ghanaian actors and
actresses are celebrities.

So, if you want to become a
celebrity in Ghana, this is one of the fastest way.
Simple start acting. Feature in many home videos,
comics and reality shows.

Once you do this, you are a
celeb. You can achieve this very fast ff you are female
actress, because they really attract attention especially
if they posses an appealing looks.

4. Be Innovative: A breakthrough in ideas that affects
another persons way of live is called innovation.

inventors are famous. Don’t go far… simply come up
with a breathtaking business ideas then people will
start talking about you.

5. Become a Model: You might not know that you
have modelling gift until you try it.

In fact, anyone can
become a model in Ghana . Don’t say I am short, fat, or

Any status is a model for that status. So, if you
want to become a celebrity in Ghana, then start

You will agree with me that almost all
models are celebrities. So why waiting….

6. Start Comedy: Sometimes you might just be stupid
for a living by doing naughty things just to make other
people to laugh.

You will agree with me that all the top
comedians in Ghana are celebrities.

Many of them
went ahead to win huge endorsements from big
multinational companies.

So, if you want to become a
celebrity in Ghana, drop your pride and act stupid.

There you have the 6 ways to become a celebrity in

To be sincere, those are the ones We Can Recommend at the time of writing this article.

There may be many
other ideas that we did not put here.

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