How To Become A Career Diplomat In Ghana

In seeking to address the question of how to become a
diplomat in Ghana, we will first explain who a diplomat is.

Diplomats are individuals who are well trained and skilled
in handling the country’s affairs abroad.

Ghanaian diplomats
after having undergone training are deployed to their
countries of assignment where they are required to protect
the image and interest of Ghana through utmost dedication
to service.

Such countries where these diplomats are
deployed to are allies Ghana.

Diplomats cannot be
posted to a hostile country as they would most likely
experience hostility.

The journey to becoming a diplomat requires patience and

This is because, as representatives of Ghana
abroad, they are the extension of the country’s image.

negative perception about a diplomat will automatically
mean a negative image for Ghana.

Diplomats therefore
undergo special training to groom them into the standard
required by Ghana.

Which People Constitute Diplomats ?

There are varied groups of individuals with related
professions who undergo training to become diplomats.

These individuals are classified into envoys, ambassadors,
ministers, and charge d’ affaires.

Within the diplomatic
ranks are several other sub-divisions that denote the

Diplomats usually serve for some time in their
countries of assignment before being redeployed to other
countries depending on the availability of vacancies.

Likely Courses to Study to Become a

There are certain career paths you are required to take to
realize your dream of becoming a diplomat.

A first degree in
history or political science are usually preferred.

other social courses can be accepted. Diplomats usually
carry out a significant part of their duties outside their

A diplomat might seek areas of cultural and
economic partnership between his host country and

Some other related functions aimed at promoting
the image of Ghana positively are carried out.

Attend the Foreign Service Academy

The foreign service academy
trains interested individuals and imparts the necessary
skills and knowledge required to perform satisfactorily on
the job.

As a student of the Foreign Service Academy, you
are provided with all the necessary training that covers
every area of foreign relations including the theory and
practice of diplomacy.

As a student of the Foreign Service Academy, you will be
addressed as a student officer.

The Foreign Service
Academy is a department of Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign

Component Training Courses

As a student officer of the Foreign Service Academy, some
of the courses to be taught include the art of effective
communication including plus the skills of usage of English

Others include computer knowledge, the
teaching of UN approved languages that include Arabic,
French and Spanish.

Some Characteristics of Diplomats

Being a diplomat requires that you possess certain

Some of these qualities are natural while others
are learnt during training.

These are some of the basic
characteristics a diplomat is expected to possess;

Be a Good Negotiator

This characteristic is very essential in diplomacy.

Possessing this skill will greatly help in performing the
roles of the office.

As a good negotiator, the interest of the
country is always held in the highest esteem and protected
through effective negotiation skills.

Strong Loyalty

Loyalty is an essential characteristic of a diplomat. Without
loyalty, a diplomat is likely to dole out confidential
information of national importance to other others.

attribute is an everyday need in the busy working life of a

Behaving Honorably

In a situation where a diplomat finds himself/herself at a
cross-roads with emerging policy that might be in
disagreement with what the diplomat feels is consistent,
such diplomat “diplomatically” argues the point, trying to
point out key issues that may prove detrimental to the
interest of the country and the mission.

In a situation that
he/she looses out of the argument, then he can decide to
either resign or accept the policy change.

Exploiting Opportunities

Diplomats are always on the lookout for any policy
opportunities. Whenever these rear their heads, they are
swooped upon to the advantage of the country.

To have the
ability to recognize opportunities, a diplomat must have an
eye for detail in addition to an analytical mind.

these characteristics can either be inborn or taught.

Whatever the case, knowing when to take advantage of
situation is very important.

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