Basic Drafting Tools And Equipment

Well and appropriate selected pattern Drafting tools and equipment are necessary for Pattern Drafting. Most importantly, it is necessary to have a box or kit for keeping the Drafting tools.

The Drafting tools and equipment are as follows:

1. Measuring Tape: Smooth messing tape is required which is marked with increment of inches and centimeters on its sides.

2. Scissors: They are used for cutting out pattern pieces. Small to medium size scissors are required.

3. Square: It is an L-shaped metal Ruler; the long arm measure 24 inches and the short arm 14 inches. It has a perfect right angle corner. It is used to draw lines at the right angles during Drafting.

4. Tracing Wheel: It is uses to transfer pattern markings into paper and fabric.

5. Carbon Paper: It is used to transfer pattern markings.

6. Brown Paper: Brown paper is used for Drafting out pattern pieces.

7. Cardboard Paper: It is used for Drafting out patterns, especially the basic blocks or master patterns.

8. Pencils: It is uses to draw out lines during Drafting.

9. Tumb Pins: It is used for pinning/holding Brown or cardboard paper on the table during Drafting.

10. French Curve: It is used for drawing Curve lines during Drafting e.g the neckline, armhole, skirt side seam.

11. Long And Short Rulers: They are used for drawing straight lines.

12. Eraser: It is uses in cleaning wrong person marks on the Drafting paper.

13. Cello Tape: It is used in joining Drafting papers.

14. Paper Gum: It is uses in joining Drafting papers.

15. T-square: It is uses in drawing right angles.