How To Apply For Jobs Online In Ghana

Today, you can apply for jobs online in Ghana without stepping out of your bedroom.

In those days, if you are applying for a job in Long Distance Location, you would have to travel down from your place to that Location in order to submit your application.

Most times, after putting that much efforts and risks, your application letter ends it’s journey in the dustbin.

Jobs application has been made so simple by technology and the internet that you can search for jobs from multiple companies, write your application, upload your CV and submit to many companies at a time.

No need to visit the companies until you are called for interview. What a blessed generation!

However, may people are still not yet in tune with this modern trends in jobs application despite that it’s dead simple as long as you can browse the internet.

So, How do one apply for jobs online in Ghana and get called up for interviews without stepping out of his/her bedroom?


There are many Ghanaian websites on the internet that specializes on Job Listing.

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Go through the list and select the ones you think you can deal with.


You can sign up with one or more of the job listing websites.

The signing up process is simple, just like signing up an email account with Yahoo or Gmail.

At the process of signing up, after filling your name and email, you are required to upload your Resume.


After you have signed up successfully and uploaded your resume, and verified your account, next is to start applying for jobs.

The jobs are listed in categories and thousands of jobs are being added in some of them weekly.

Browse job vacancies by categories and select your job based on your qualification.

Most of them offers means of writing your application online and that’s the ones I suggest you deal with.

Use the professional editor provided by the job listing site to write your application.

Carefully write and rewrite before submitting. Search to as much as you can and submit your applications to them.

You have to pay attention on your profile and the way you write your application.

If at any point in time you think your CV need to be rewritten, you can always do that.

Do not be in a hurry to submit application, make sure everything is in order, read and reread your application to be sure it is errors free before submitting.

Good luck!