Why Apple Farming In Ghana Is Great Opportunity

Apple farming is the newest farming business opportunity
in Ghana for smart people who knows how to grab

We always hear the sayings that an apple a
day keeps one free from chronic illness and diseases.

minds usually go straight to the foreign apples which is
almost everywhere in Ghana.

Well, foreign apple is not the only apple that can keep you
free from illnesses.

The good news is that the tropically
grown Bell Apple has been discovered to be highly
nutritious and compete favorably with the foreign apples
that we all know.

This is where wise entrepreneurs are
seeing great opportunity.
If there is any right time for bell apple farming in Ghana, it
has to be now.

The need for this locally grown apple is fast
growing as well as the business volumes it generate.
People are already making fortunes with Bell Apple farming
in Ghana.

This is because of the rising demands from fruit
juice producing companies.

Ghana is a blessed country no doubt when you consider so
many opportunities that are open for its citizens.

country is known to be among the crude oil producing
nations in the world and that has led its citizens away from
farming, concentrating all their energy in competing for oil
products as if that is the only natural resources we have.

As if oil is the only means of foreign exchange for the

Far from the truth, there are thousands of great
opportunities within the country and many who have
decided to look into that direction are smiling to the banks
regularly with pure profits from their various farming
businesses which Bell Apple farming has recently become
part of.

So far we have exposed the potentials in Yam farming ,
Cucumber farming, Pineapple cultivation, and even Ewedu
farming as well as other farming opportunities in Ghana
and still continuing, which most Ghanaians have been
looking away from.

Call it a secret non-oil exports and you
are correct!
You can make over 10 million per year from bell apple
farming in Ghana if you start now and do it well.

Bell is
becoming as expensive as the other foreign apples and the
demand is steadily increasing in the market.

Apple Farming Business Opportunity

According to some bell apple farmers in Ghana, Bell Apple
farming is a money spinner.

There are many business
opportunities in the Bell Apple business aside from the
main farming.

Bell Apple Seedling Opportunity
One can actually make a fortune raising bell apple

There is high demand for bell apple seedlings in the country
because there only few trees in Ghana.
The market for bell
apple is growing in the country and prominent farmers are
on the look out for the seedlings which one can even start

In fact, bell Apple can be grown in any soil except sandy

It is something you can even start in the backyard.

takes up to three weeks for bell apple to germinate and is
ready for sale after 10 weeks.

Soil and Climate for Apple Farming
Bell apple take about 3 years from the day of planting to
start fruiting and can produce twice yearly.

The Ghanaian
soil and climate condition is very suitable for the plant,

But the tree takes up to three years to begin producing and
once it starts producing, it could be harvested more than
twice a year with each tree producing more than a thousand
fruits per harvest.

Bell Apple has been researched in Ghana and found to be
highly nutritious and medicinally sound.

Very attractive and
even bigger in size than the imported apples.

It certainly make a good business sense to go into Bell
Apple farming in Ghana.

Start with either seedlings or full
farming. This farming business is still very new and the opportunities are still under exploited.

Be among the early birds in this business of Bell Apple
farming because Ghanaians are becoming wiser.

They now
know that aside from oil, that agriculture is the key for real

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