3 Ways To Revive Your Dead Or Weak Laptop Battery

You can add new existence in your NiMH or NiCD pc battery by way of setting it in a tightly-sealed plastic bag and freezing it for 12 hours. when you have a Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery, but, freezing it is truly risky. alternatively, consider doing a battery calibration, in order to both repair and extend your battery life. at the same time as those methods won’t make your battery as accurate as new (you may only acheive about thirty mins of more charge time from an older battery that no longer holds a charge), they’ll assist you get the maximum of your battery till you can purchase a brand new one.

CONSIDER THE BELOW 3 METHODS AND THEIR STEPS (follow every method carefully)

Reviving a NiMH or NiCD Battery in the Freezer
(a) Determine if you have the right type of battery for this method. First, this method won’t work for Macs, as they all have lithium batteries.
Firstly, your battery has to be NiMH or NiCD in order for this method to work. If you do this method with the wrong battery, the battery will likely be destroyed.

Turn the computer off, then open the battery cover (typically on the bottom of the laptop). If the battery says something like Li-ion, Li-on, Li-ion II, Lithium, LiPo, you do not have the proper battery for this method.
If you are unable to read the text on the battery (perhaps it rubbed off), call your computer manufacturer to find out, or use a different method.
If your NiMH or NiCD battery no longer holds a charge at all, this method may only get you an additional 30 minutes or so of battery charge capability, which is much better than 0 minutes. If the battery is simply draining too quickly, you may be able to get better results with this method.
(b) Remove your NiMH or NiCD battery.
With the computer turned off, carefully remove the battery from the laptop. The battery should come out without having to use much force so as not to damage your battery.

(c) Place the battery in a sealed plastic bag. Any high-quality sealable bag will work. It’s important to make sure the bag is completely sealed and contains no holes.
And if you are not sure if the bag is suitable, you can wrap the battery in a towel before placing it in a plastic bag.

(d) Put the bagged battery in the freezer for about 12 hours. NOTE Don’t leave the battery in there much longer than that, as freezing it for too long could cause it to explode.

(c) Drain the battery. Disconnect the computer from the electricity source and drain the battery absolutely. you may accelerate this procedure through the use of the pc to do some thing system-intensive, consisting of watching a film or editing video.
Leave the laptop unplugged for three to five hours after the drain. this may make sure that any phantom power is completely drained from the unit.

(d) Fully charge the battery. Charge the battery back up to the 100%. At this very stage, your laptop battery has been recalibrated.
Charge your laptop battery to its fullest
(a) Decide whether this method is right for you. Doing a full recharge will work on any laptop hardware, no matter the battery type. Try this method if your battery is draining more quickly than it used to.

(b) Completely drain the battery. Even if the computer is turned off, the battery may still have enough charge to power the LED power light. You’ll know the battery is completely drained when the power light no longer blinks.

(c) Charge the battery with the computer turned off. Plug the computer back in to begin the charging process, but don’t turn the computer on. If the computer turns on without your prompting, shut it down right away.

(d) Let the laptop charge without interfering (and Switched off) for forty eight hours. Don’t turn the pc on for the entire 48 hour charging duration.

(e) Turn the laptop back on after 48 hours. The battery ought to now be capable of preserving a charge better than before.