10 Small Scale Business Ideas & Opportunities In Equatorial Guinea

What are the best Small Business Ideas And Opportunities In Equatorial Guinea? What are the excellent and top business opportunities in Equatorial Guinea For Equatorial Guineans? On this Article You will find out How.

African Countries especially Equatorial Guinea is a good place to set up a business. As a student, graduate, employed or unemployed, It is always advisable to have a different streams of income and business Ideas which will be a backbone.

Unemployment will be reduce if Equatorial Guinean will be more Problem solvers (ENTREPRENEURS) Rather than problem creator’s, that’s the purpose of this Article.

Are you looking for a list of business opportunities in Equatorial Guinea? Then you are at the right Article. Doing business in Equatorial Guinea will yield you profit. If you are an Equatorial Guinean planning to start a business in Equatorial Guinea, Below are the 10 Small Scale Business Opportunities;

10 Business Ideas And Opportunities In Equatorial Guinea

1. Diesel Supply

The Oil and Gas business is one of the most lucrative business in Equatorial Guinea. Many people are making billions from this Diesel Supply Business.

The oil and gas industry is one of the most lucrative zones in the world. In Equatorial Guinea, it adds to the country’s economic output, making it extremely important in aiding economic development in the nation. While this industry remains a great source of revenue for the country, a few individuals are taking advantage of it to create fascinating businesses.

2. Cyber Cafe

Browsing has become almost daily routine for everyone us, either for business purpose, entertainment, or research and education.

Hundreds of millions of hours are spent daily by those who have personal devices for accessing the internet, and another hundreds of millions of hours in Cyber Cafe by those who doesn’t have their own Laptop and internet connection.
Until now, running a cyber cafe has been a huge capital intensive business.

You’ll need to invest in heavy broadband, buy huge infrastructure , do computer networking, and server administration; before you’d talk of paying for the bandwidth.

3. Restaurant Business

Restaurant business is one of the business that has been creating millionaires in Equatorial Guinea for decades. There will always be the need for places to eat out. You can take advantage of this opportunity and start your own restaurant business in Equatorial Guinea today.

The restaurant business in Equatorial Guinea and many other places around the world is one of the most lucrative ventures to start up. This is largely a result of the insatiable worldwide demand for food, which doesn’t just make it a highly profitable business for building entrepreneurs, but also one of the best recession proof business ideas to explore.

4. Barbing Salon

Barbing Salon business is one of the most lucrative business in Equatorial Guinea. Many people are making thousands and millions from this Business.

Starting a barbing salon business is absolutely one of the business idea that you have to consider. It is not only lucrative but fun and entertaining.

Fortunately, A good barber shop will always attract new customers , even in a recession Because Human hair will not stop growing just because the economy isn’t growing.

5. Hotel Business

The hotel business is another lucrative business that is currently booming in Equatorial Guinea. This article is going to discuss how to start a hotel business in Equatorial Guinea.

There is real money in hotel and hospitality industry and you can become part of it starting from today.
For a small starter, your hotel don’t have to be big, just something small in form of a mini lodge, beer parlor, and small restaurant.

Equatorial Guineans are heavy spenders when it comes to merriment and good life and hotel business in one avenue through which you can tap from such heavy spending.

6. Agriculture

Agriculture is mostly the back bone of human survival – it has been sustaining mankind over the ages. Without it, there will be no food to eat and no raw materials for our different industrial use. Through agriculture we can produce enough food for ourselves and to others who will readily buy from us and make us rich And Wealthy.

Agriculture in Equatorial Guinea as a source of income is still highly beneficial for the nation and other Africa as a continent, because of the abundance of farmable lands and an increase in the number of yearly entrants. The benefits the industry poses has caused an emergency action by the government to introduce several attractive incentives for new and existing farmers in the sector.

It is said that the whole life of man revolves around nature and agriculture. If that is the case, why do majority of people look down on this noble investment, preferring to invest in products and services that are less sustainable to humans?

7. GSM Recharge Card Business

Have you been trying to start your own profitable Recharge Card Business In Equatorial Guinea?

If yes, we are glad to tell you today that Recharge Card Business is one of the lucrative business opportunities in Equatorial Guinea.

You must note that Recharge card business is a billion dollar business which is a game of number.

8. Football Viewing Center

You can start your own football viewing center today and make serious money.

Ever considered football fanaticism a chance to make a living ? If yes, a great crowd of fanatics are out there to help you.

The chance to make money from men and women who are passionately supporting football is just a step away. And the step is on smooth soil.

The gathering together is not exclusive to the stadium where fans come together in thousands to support their teams. This is one of the most profitable business in Equatorial Guinea.

9. Transportation Business

We are living in the age of entrepreneurship.
Everyone wants to be self-employed or have an extra source of income.

Transport business is one of the hot business ideas in Equatorial Guinea today.
Why? The explanation is easy – everyone needs transportation in Equatorial Guinea.

Imagine the number of people using road transport each day.
Some people, in order to commute between their home and their place of work, spend a lot of time on the road.
Others use transport to move their goods from one place to another.

Also, we should consider the number of intercity travels per day. When you look at all these, you understand why this business is a hotcake.

10. Grocery Provision Store

Starting a provision store is good business to do considering how profitable and lucrative it can be.
The business entails having a shop or space you stock up with basic house hold items and products that people use and need on a daily basis.

The business also involves buying goods in bulk at wholesale prices and sell to consumers at retail prices to be able to make a profit.

This is a business that does not really require a large amount of money since you will be dealing with basic house hold items that are not really expensive unlike major supermarkets that cater to various needs of people as can be seen by the different types of goods that are bought and stocked in the supermarket.

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