Profitable Catfish Farming In Nigeria

Catfish business involves the rearing of catfish for commercial purpose in Nigeria. Catfish farming in Nigeria can be a profitable venture if the processes followed starting from construction, stocking and catfish pond management are well organized. Catfish has the ability to withstand poor water qualities and breath directly from the atmosphere, this makes the catfish … Read more

Poultry Farming In Nigeria (Full Information)

There is no doubt that poultry farming in Nigeria is a profitable venture, both starting it on a small scale and on a commercial farming scale. This article is currently the best guide to starting poultry farming in Nigeria. Poultry farmers today are not meeting up with the daily demand of poultry products; that’s why … Read more

Lucrative Snail Farming In Nigeria

Introduction To Snail Farming In Nigeria Farming in this part of the world is often attributed to crops. Snail farming in Nigeria has been in existence since time immemorial. However, little or no attention has been paid to it as a source of livelihood. Heliciculture according to Wikipedia, is the process of raising edible land … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Pure Water Factory In Nigeria

Starting a pure water Factory in Nigeria can be very profitable if the right procedures are followed. Nigerians consumes a lot of pure waters and manufacturing them is an often lucrative business. A pure water Factory deals in manufacturing sachet waters and distributing them to consumers. Opening a pure water business in Nigeria doesn’t come … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Goat Farm In Nigeria

Rearing goats in Nigeria can be a lucrative way of making money through farming in Nigeria Goat farming in Nigeria is indeed a lucrative business, because you can make money from the meat, milk and hides. Despite the level of it profitability, people don’t often consider it as a lucrative business. Goat farming business involves … Read more